October 1, 2014, 8:18 pm
Crying Pornstar

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Crying Porn

Crying Pornstar

The best porn starlet is a Crying Porn star, who reaches pornstar orgasms so intense that warm wet tears stream down her pretty face. A new level of sexual intensity is reached every time one of these adorable xxx models goes beyond the realm of her day to day sexual experience and reaches deeper, to unleash a mind-stuttering orgasm intense, genuine and real enough to expose her intimate beauty as a true crying pornstar goddess.

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Kiera King

Kiera KingKiera King is a twenty-two year old college girl from Wisconsin who decided to get into porn to pay for her expenses. She is in such high demand that she decided to take time off from school to pursue her career in adult. Her boyfriend found out and told her he's not banging her until she quits. Kiera was really upset about his decision but continued to shoot porn anyway. After masturbating on our set for several minutes something incredible happened. Kiera had a very potent orgasm and started to cry. She said she really missed her boyfriend and couldn't hold her feelings in any longer. Shortly after Kiera worked things out with her man and we captured one of the best pornstar Crygasms yet!

Jessica Valentino

Jessica ValentinoJessica Valentino arrived on set with a chip on her shoulder. She was convinced there was no way she could have an orgasm on camera. Jessica was used to faking it during her hardcore pornstar video shoots. This would have been unacceptable to us, so we told her to take as much time as she needed. Jessica put in 110% and tried her best. It worked! Jessica had a very powerful orgasm and started to cry. Her Crygasm is still one of the most talked about scenes on the site! Jessica loved the rush so much she wants to come back for round two!
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Crying Sex

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